Private photo tour

I receive daily requests from people who would like to come on a tour with Rasta and me. It can be a hiking tour or a "best of Bernese Oberland tour" with short walks or short hikes - I always design the tours according to the needs of my clients and try to bring them closer to my favorite places - away from the crowds.

As you can imagine, however, I can not possibly agree to all because I simply have too many projects that I also want to do all conscientiously. That's why I do very few photo tours and recommend to ask and book them early.

How does it work?

Best you write me an email with your ideas and wishes. I must also say clearly that I can unfortunately not take a second dog with me on tours with Rasta. If you want to make a tour with your dog, then I will have to leave Rasta at home - he is unfortunately no longer compatible with other dogs - there he has simply made too many bad experiences and it would be highly unrelaxing for all involved:)

Coziness and deceleration

Personally, I am a leisurely hiker. I make many photo breaks, often stop, let nature work on me and therefore go 2-hour hikes sometimes 4 hours:) On our photo tour I show you the most beautiful corners, give you subject ideas and also like to take a few snapshots of you and your companion. It is important to me to show you the less crowded places so you can feel the nature of Switzerland better.


  • 1 day = 1000 CHF
  • 1/2 day = 500 CHF

If the photo tour includes an overnight stay (Milky Way photography, etc.), this is added to the price.

(2-3 persons max.)