Private photo tour

I receive daily requests from people who would like to come with me on a photo tour. It can be a hiking tour or a "best of Bernese Oberland tour" with short walks or short hikes - I always design the tours according to the needs of my clients and try to bring them closer to my favorite places - away from the crowds.

During this tour I will give you insights into the world of photography and/or videography. I explain in simple language the most important ingredients for a good photo. I'll also show you how to get more out of your photos with manual settings. You can also ask me about social media and pick up important tips.

However, as you can imagine, I can't possibly agree to all of them because I simply have too many projects that I want to do all conscientiously. That's why I do very few photo tours and recommend to ask and book them early.

How does it work?

Best you write me a mail with your ideas and wishes. If you simply want to make a hiking tour with my dog Rasta and me, then please write it directly with the request. In such a case the "photo-aspect" moves a bit into the background because I can't fully concentrate on you and Rasta at the same time. Then we just have a comfortable tour and enjoy the nature!

Coziness and deceleration

Personally, I am a leisurely hiker. I make many photo breaks, often stop, let nature work on me and therefore go 2-hour hikes sometimes 4 hours:) On our photo tour I will show you the most beautiful corners, give you subject ideas and also like to take a few snapshots of you and your companion. It is important to me to show you the less crowded places so you can feel the nature of Switzerland better.


  • 1 day = 1000 CHF
  • 1/2 day = 500 CHF

If the photo tour includes an overnight stay (Milky Way photography, etc.), this is added to the price.

(2-3 persons max.)