Hiking on the Rigi

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Nellie Jensen. I am from Murrieta, California, USA. I happened to stumble on your Instagram..... Thank you for "friending" me. I must say that your pictures/video are very beautiful. I don't travel much & have never been overseas bcoz of financial reasons so the glimpses of your photos/videos helps give me a sense of perspective of how beautiful our world can be. Thank you for sharing that. I look forward to more of your clips.

  2. I started following your daily adventures since I'm a huge fan of Rasta. This blog is great to read and I appreciate you can get to change the language. Thank you for starting this diary of adventures, it's very nice to read you.

    Victoria- San José, Costa Rica

  3. Very entertaining and informative written! Know the area around the Rigi well and the descriptions are very accurate. Super that you have incorporated the tips regarding hiking with dog and dealing with cows - very helpful and important! Looking forward to more entertaining blog entries! Best regards from Toggenburg!
    Maria, Wattwil

  4. After so many great posts now this awesome blog! Congratulations, you have written this first post so lively, entertaining, understandable and very instructive. I'm already looking forward to everything that is still to come from you (duet with Céline Dion or something). Hebed Eu Sorg and gnüüssed's you two.

  5. Wow, Silä, super! Mega-informative, entertaining and also still self-ironic written. If one wants to post-hike your tour, one would have important info needed, plus your great pictures. Thank you so much for putting so much effort into us followers.
    How about another screenshot of a Swiss map or route planner for pedestrians/hikers so that one has an even better idea of the hike? To my knowledge there is a website that offers that for hiking tours, but I can't think of their name right now.
    I haven't tried the presumed links in the text though, maybe something like that was already there?

  6. What I find particularly good is the writing style. You can hear that it is not a paid post or a subliminal influencer post, which was posted for a few pieces of clothing or whatever.

    The writing style is certainly also authentic with the writing style of the readers. This gives a down to earth feel to the post.

    Even if it is a hidden advertisement (which was deliberately commissioned), you can actually hear this out very badly, which is good.

    I can't find anything that is missing at first glance.

    FInde it very well but if you photograph remote trails or places with 250000 followers, so it can be that the places are so to speak "overrun" and in the end the nature evtl could suffer something. eg as in the verzasca valley
    Again, this would be due to your good blog =)

    I am looking forward to the next one.

  7. Hello Silä!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on your Blog. Seeing you and Rasta on Instagram, whether it is in video or pictures makes me happy and brightens my day!

    In the English version here, some text is in bright yellow and is difficult to read. Other than that, your Blog is great!

  8. I like your blogs because you simply write as you have grown the "beak". The reports come across to me very authentic + if I know the region a bit it comes to me as if I were just there myself. Why then wander off into the distance. We have in Switzerland so many beautiful "corners", which we can still discover! I look forward to more blogs from you.

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