Autumn vacations in Mürren - Jungfrau Region - Interlaken

Autumn vacations in Mürren - Jungfrau Region - Interlaken

Autumn vacations in Mürren - Jungfrau Region - Interlaken. Autumn in the Swiss mountains is probably one of the best times to travel. The temperatures are pleasant, the air is fresh, the colors intense. Autumn is the perfect season for extended hikes or just for a short break. The backdrop of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau is simply very impressive. If you hike through the village of Mürren you will always see wonderful photo spots with these three.

I am often on the road for the Schilthorn Bahn and therefore see virtually all seasons in this region. Of course - winter is my No. 1 favorite, but then it's quickly followed by autumn, closely followed by spring. And even if the weather is not good once. In the mountains, that doesn't play such a big role. There is so much dynamic weather here that there is almost always something exciting to see! And if it really hails cats, then it's best to go to a restaurant and treat yourself to a fine fondue! With a glass of wine then also the weather soon looks better:)!

Directions Mürren - Schilthornbahn - Jungfrau Region

Mürren is car-free. You can reach the village either with the Schilthorn cable car from Stechelberg or then from Lauterbrunnen via cable car and train. Of course, you can also walk up in the warm season. However, there are a few meters of altitude to overcome. In winter, by the way, the hiking trail from Stechelberg up to Mürren is not passable. The danger of avalanches is too great. On the other hand, skiing is already possible in Mürren from about mid-November. Although skiing is more limited to the upper regions.

But now first enjoy the autumn to the fullest! Soon come the first autumn storms and then the whole color magic is over again!

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